12.9.13 New #MusicMondays  release from M.I.A.3 "The Dream" outlines the hope for a better Hip Hop culture.

11.25.13 New #MusicMondays  release from M.I.A.3 feat A+! "Hello." An encouragements to all listeners to keep pushing forward for better things.

11.22.13 Blast from the Past! Clip of M.I.A.3 performing "To The Point" from his 2nd CD Renewal 101

11.19.13 New #MusicMondays  release from M.I.A.3! "Where's The Love?", a perspective on love from a Higher point of view.

11.4.13 New Single "Cold Game" from Truth Is has been released! Enjoy!



10.14.13 New #MusicMondays  release from M.I.A.3!
His take on the Big Sean hit "Control"! Listen, Download, Share, Enjoy!

9.20.13 New videos for "Pay What You Owe" and "Move" have been posted! Check them out!


9.16.13 - The 2nd release in the #MusicMondays series, M.I.A.3's version of Jay-Z's "Somewhere In America." A candid look at the state of American societal issues.

9.12.13 - Last Week's #MusicMonday cover "Don't Care (Beware)", M.I.A.3's take on Big Sean's single "Beware." A eye-opening track for the married, soon-to-be-married and looking-to-be-married folk.


9.11.13 - NEW SINGLES FROM M.I.A.3!"Move" and "Pay What You Owe" from upcoming album Truth Is. Listen here!

8.3.13 - Artwork for new project Truth Is has been released!


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